Business Professionals

Big Decision 1

Reinco now has a wide experience of architects and other building professionals who you may require for your project. The client is in a buyers market. Architects each have their own preferred style of house. Choose an architect who specializes in the house style you hope to build. The other building professionals you may require will depend on the type and scale of the project. On bigger, more complex houses, a quantity surveyor will often save you money.

Big Decision 2

Should the client set the entire project to a main contractor or do a selfbuild? This depends very much on the client’s experience in building and their availability to be on site. Eric Davidson has worked with clients supervising their own selfbuild and with main contractors and their clients. He is happy to explain all angles of this debate. Remember, a house is now much, much more complex than 10 years ago. Taking independent advice on these matters before commitments are made will reduce stress and save you money. Even if setting the project to a main contractor the client should still retain control of the decisions relating to some specialist areas e.g. underfloor heating, heat recovery ventilation and all renewables.


It has been estimated that a client will make 6,000 decisions during a house build. This can be stressful. Let the experience gained from 800 houses help your project flow and reduce your costs.