Heat Pumps

Geothermal means ‘heat from the earth’. A heat pump drives heat from one location to another.

In Europe and North America, geothermal heat pumps are long established as the leading cost-effective, carbon-efficient system to provide reliable space and water heating.

In Ireland and GB, more people are now opting to generate heat from easily accessible, local natural energy sources to avoid ever-increasing oil and gas prices, whilst addressing local and global environmental issues.


  • Ground source
  • Air to water
  • Water to water
  • Pump and dump


  • Heat pump
  • Specialised domestic hot water cylinder
  • Specification of the underfloor heating
  • Controls
  • Area and soil type in the collection area

Each of these elements must be up to specification if the system is to perform efficiently. In a competitive market place the temptation is to under specify components to gain competitive advantage. Short term saving can become a long term nightmare.

Reinco can look at packages being offered and help the client compare ‘apples with apples’.