Reinco is a Renewable Energy and Insulation Consultancy Company formed in June 2007 by Eric Davidson.

I advise people starting a self-build house on all the elements which affect the heating and running cost of the house. I am experienced in insulation systems and in the past I worked in specifying and selling the full range of renewables. I am fully independent – I do not take commission from suppliers. The client is charged a fee.

When commissioned I visit the site and I talk the client through their plans project. This initial visit consultation can take anything up to 3.5 hours. On Zoom this is often broken into two sessions.

I then provide a report detailing the systems, specifications, budget prices, distributors and suggested installers. I provide email and phone support until the project is completed.

I had been working through Ireland but now with Zoom I am working through out Ireland and GB.

Renico is the only consultancy providing this unique service.

Reinco’s Mission

To assist the client to achieve the most comfortable home, the most healthy home at the lowest possible running costs in the most eco friendly manner at the least capital cost.
Reinco’s research gleans the best technologies and practices from Ireland, GB, the rest of Europe and further afield to fulfil these criteria. As well as helping the client achieve their ideal home, Reinco also helps future proof the home adding value to resale worth. enhancing potential sale value.

Reinco recognises that everyone has a budget and guides the client through a “Priorities List” so that the available budget is invested in the most cost effective manner and the critical items, which cannot be retrofitted, are given the appropriate priority.