Reinco Renewable Energy Services

Reinco is a Renewable Energy and Insulation Consultancy Company formed in June 2007 by Eric Davidson. Here’s what Eric says about how he works:

I advise people starting a self-build house on all the elements which affect the heating and running cost of the house. I am experienced in insulation systems and in the past I worked in specifying and selling the full range of renewables. I am fully independent – I do not take commission from suppliers. The client is charged a fee.

When commissioned I visit the site and talk the client through their plans. This initial visit can take anything up to 3.5 hours. I then provide a report detailing the systems, specifications, budget prices, distributers and suggested installers. I provide email and phone support until the project is completed.

I work throughout Ireland and I am the only person providing this unique service.


To assist the client to achieve the most comfortable home, the most healthy home at the lowest possible running costs in the most eco friendly manner at the least capital cost.

Reinco’s research gleans the best technologies and practices from throughout Ireland, the rest of Europe and further afield to fulfil these criteria. As well as helping the client achieve their ideal home, Reinco also helps future proof the home adding value to resale worth.

Reinco recognises that everyone has a budget and guides the client through a “Priorities List” so that the available budget is invested in the most cost effective manner and the critical items, which cannot be retrofitted, are given the appropriate priority.

Reinco has been involved in the following types of projects:

  • New self build homes
  • Developer built houses
  • Renovating homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Commercial properties
  • New church properties
  • Improving performance of existing church properties
What is Reinco Consultancy?

Reinco Consultancy was created in 2007 by Eric Davidson to provide self builders with practical, independent advice on all aspects of self build and renovation. Our mission and yours is the same: to build the most comfortable and healthy home with the lowest running cost using the most cost effective methods.

We research the best techniques and building practices from throughout Ireland, the rest of Europe and further afield to fulfil this goal. Reinco helps the client achieve their ideal home, adding value and resale worth.

Reinco recognises that everyone has a budget and guides the client through a "priorities list" so that the available budget is invested in the most effective manner and the critical items which cannot be retrofitted are given priority.

Why do I need Reinco?

Most new builders or self builders build one or two houses in their lifetime. Reinco Consultancy has done it over one thousand times, and brings this experience and expertise to your own unique build. No other professional that you may involve in your project has the knowledge base or expertise to bring everything together like Reinco can, and all bring their own bias, well meaning or otherwise.

The same thing goes for friends and family who may share their experiences: they may have done it once or twice, but don't forget this is a sector that is always evolving with new building materials, techniques and technologies. It's impossible for any self builder to keep up and Reinco exists for this very reason. This is your project and your home, and Reinco is on your side.

How does Reinco Consultancy achieve this?

Understanding each and every client's needs and expectations is an essential first step. An initial free phone consultation with Eric is arranged. Then, if you decide to become a client, Reinco visits your site anywhere in Ireland and spends time with you, the client, to explore every aspect of your project. This visit usually takes a couple of hours but can take longer. Next, a report document is created addressing each aspect of the build.

This report is a vital tool for your project. Many clients find this report an invaluable reference when talking with their architect, builder and all other professionals who they engage, ensuring everyone stays on-plan and give you the home you want.

When is the best time to get Reinco involved with my project?

The earlier the better, and ideally before the detailed drawings are completed. Fewer compromises will have to be made and ultimately you will achieve what you want for the lowest capital cost.

How much does it cost to become a Reinco client?

Reinco sells no products and doesn't take commission from any product or supplier. Our business model is unique and designed so you know that you can trust Reinco to provide truly independent advise on your new build or renovation. When you decide to become a client there is a single fee of £650 in Northern Ireland and €950 in the Republic. Prices may vary according to complexity and location.

In Reinco's experience the cost of becoming a client is saved multiple times over through better decision making. Please read through our testimonials page.