Reinco Case Studies

3,000 sq ft Block Built House

Key Features

  • Very well insulated
  • High degree of airtightness
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Solar Panels
  • No oil or gas
  • Backup hot water heating and all space heating from ground source heat pump.

Heating Cost: £0.91 per day

John and Margaret were building a new 3,000 square foot home on the outskirts of Eglinton for them and their young family. They wanted to invest their money sensibly in order to build an energy efficient home that would save them money in the long term. John obtained the contact details of Reinco who advised on the various options available on the market.

John was very sceptical on whether or not the extra expenditure was viable and if the savings made would ever cover the costs of the initial installation. Through discussion with Reinco, John worked out that he would break even on the initial extra expense after seven years.

Examples of work completed to ensure an energy efficient home included treble glazed windows, higher specification wall insulation, and a heat recovery system in addition to geothermal was installed to keep fuel and maintenance costs down, but at the same time ensure a warm and comfortable home for the young family. The companies that were recommended by Reinco were all very competitive in the local area.

When getting quotes from various tradesmen to complete the work recommended by Eric, it was evident that some tradesmen were not familiar with airtightness or energy efficiency, questioning the savings that could be made. However, John was keen to proceed with the work recommended by Eric, and is now pleased to be benefiting from the savings made.

In the first year, which is the drying out year, the family’s heating costs were only £330, and this was solely obtained by following the direction of Reinco. On speaking with John, he was exceptionally pleased, and thought the fee paid to Reinco was extremely worthwhile. All the tradesmen that Reinco recommended completed the work to a high standard, and John would have no hesitation in recommending any of the services provided.