Sculleries… the next BIG thing in #kitchen design…

In years gone by there was a scullery in every farm house or large house.  It was considered only for the rich.

But it kind got us thinking… what was the need for it back then? Well a very significant need at that. Sculleries were perfect for keeping the dirty side of the kitchen out of sight.

Now more than ever we strive to get our kitchen looking clean & tidy. What if i said that have a scullery would make a massive difference to your home? Would you believe me? …

A scullery (if you have the space) is the perfect area for maybe frying fish, to prepare vegetables – “dirty” kitchen functions.  Or hide when you need some peace…Check out some of these awesome #scullery designs:

We all try our best to keep the #kitchen tidy, especially if we have visitors over, in fact it probably the one room in the house we spend most our time in. So what if you could separate the real messy side of the kitchen…would be great right?

The position of the scullery should be immediately off the kitchen.  It should have a large double sink, an induction hob and work surfaces

Would you think of a scullery when designing your kitchen? Speak to Reinco today as to why we think you SHOULD have one…

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