Drying Clothes in your home

Are we really damaging our health by drying clothes indoors?… YES!

Ireland is wet; there’s no denying it. But the common, and often seen as harmless, practice of drying clothes indoors can be seen as serious contributor to breathing difficulties, particularly in asthma sufferers.

Previous research has shown that wet clothes draped on drying frames or radiators can raise moisture levels by up to 30%.

Don’t panic just yet…

It is perfectly safe to dry clothes in any “wet room” in a house with a properly sized mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR also known as heat recovery ventilation HRV).  However, the best place to dry clothes is the utility.  

Best system is a laundry maid (drying rack on ropes up against the ceiling).  When drying many smaller items the space in the utility can be used twice.

What are the essential rules? – Install a properly sized MVHR system (many are undersized) and always keep the utility door closed in order to trap the moisture enabling the ventilation system to remove the moisture and keep your living space safe and healthy for all. 

Many Reinco clients rarely put clothes on an outside clothes line from October to April.  Another time when the laundry maid is greatly appreciated is when there are slurry smells outside.  Virtually every home we advise on installs a laundry maid and a high specification MVHR system.

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