The End of Concrete Screeds in Houses ?

For six years Reinco preferred screed was 35N concrete with a 10mm stone (preferably broken stone) laid as a wet mix. This was great for strength and thermal mass. But it is difficult to lay in rooms and the drying time is very, very long (100mm would take at least 100 days). It did not fulfil our requirement of being “easy to do well”.

After much research we have changed our advice. Our new preferred screed provides good thermal mass, good strength, is very easy to lay and is very fast drying. It is certainly not a liquid screed. The equipment required by the screeder is a traditional screeder’s pump. The screed does not require any preparation before tiling. Tiling can commence four days after screed laying. Wooden floors can be laid in 14 days. Even though Reinco has been involved in over 1000 houses our advice is continually evolving and improving – all to our clients benefit. For more information ring Eric Davidson 077 2912 5002.