Building Prices

The building professionals on a 1850sq ft passive house in SW Ireland estimated it would cost €450,000 (€243 per sq ft). The clients could not afford this. Reinco was asked to look at the project. The contract for a slightly modified project has been signed for €251,000 (€135 per sq ft). Another happy Reinco client.

In the same week a fully specified project in SE Ireland got quotes with a very wide range of prices from €322,000 (€111 per sq ft) to €483,000 (€167 per sq ft). 50% extra for the same job.

The cost of a new house is closely related to the size. Recently constructed Reinco houses in ROI have being completed for €80 – €110 per sq ft. Where a budget can go wrong is in the kitchen and the external and internal finishes. Material costs are rising across Ireland but proximity to Dublin is causing major inflation.

Reinco helps client get the most possible for their budget.
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