Kilkenny Project

My wife and I first saw Eric Davidson from Reinco speaking at the Self Build Ireland Exhibition in Belfast in February.
He really caught the eye for a number of reasons.
1) He spoke about building a complete home, making a home that was comfortable to live in and economic to run.
2) He spoke about the entire build, and not individual aspects of the build, and from the viewpoint of the home owner, not someone trying to sell a certain product.
3) We really liked the way he described building and insulating the home in a practical way that made it easier for builders to get right.
4) He was very forthright and direct in his views, as to things that can go wrong in the house building process.

After that first encounter, we decided to call Eric to discuss our house plans. These were not yet finalized. I feel it was a great time to get Eric involved, because he has been able to point out several factors in our design that could be improved, and also confirmed that some of the aspects of the house we wanted, including vaulted ceilings and large windows, would not add much cost to the overall domestic heating bill, provided we followed a build spec. that would suit the style.

He came to our site in Kilkenny, and listened to our views as to what we wanted from our home, and was then able to recommend best practice approaches for the build.
The meeting lasted about three hours, and we discussed all aspects of home living, and building the house from foundations to roof.

After the meeting Eric created a specific report for our build, complete with detailed diagrams that we can refer to, and use to communicate with builders, engineers and architects.
He was also able to recommended installers and suppliers of many parts of the build, from windows to mechanical ventilation systems, whom he knows have good track records.
This is critical knowledge to have. I also feel, if we tell these companies upfront, that Eric is involved with the build, they will make sure all work is performed to a very high standard.

Looking ahead, we now feel more able to take on the daunting challenge of the self-build right from the foundations up, given all the information and help we have received from Eric.
During the build, Eric will be contactable to answer many queries that will surely arise.
We know the quality of house that can be built, and we feel good that we know what to look out for, to make sure the home we really want, becomes a reality.
Brian & Sinead, Kilkenny.