Choosing Windows

Glazing is often 10% of a house therefore it must be efficient. For the last four years triple glazing has been available at very sensible prices. There is no debate – always choose triple glazing. Suppliers who say it is too expensive for the benefits are referring to the high priced triple glazing being offered more than four years ago. Those who say “our double glazing is as good as triple glazing” are being economical with the truth.
I am not interested in vague statements e.g.
“Our windows are A rated”.
“The u value of our windows is about………”

The facts required for wise decision making are:-
What is the u value of the glazing unit centre pane?
What is the overall u value of a typical window?
What is the thickness of the glazing unit?

Recently a supplier proposed to upgrade the glazing units for a client to triple glazing. But when I asked for details it became apparent the triple glazing unit was the same thickness as standard double glazing – and therefore poorer in u value than double glazing. Windows must be triple glazed to current best practice standard.
Frames are what the client wishes to look at and pay for. The top end uPVC windows with triple glazing are excellent windows for very sensible money.