Selfbuild Show 2016

The Reinco stand at the Selfbuild Show was very busy. We had the opportunity of talking to many prospective self builders. Some of our existing clients called in to update us on their progress. Great reports of very comfortable homes and very low running costs. Some of these clients spoke to prospective clients sharing their experiences.
The usual fears arose “I don’t want underfloor heating because my friends house is so hard to heat…..”. A well specified under floor heating in a well insulated house with a high degree of airtightness is the ultimate method of heat delivery.
“My neighbour has switched off her heat recovery ventilation because of noise”. Unfortunately many systems are being supplied as kits for untrained persons to fit. Buy a properly specified installed system. These systems are about air quality but they must be silent in all living spaces and they must not cause “cross talk” – the transmission of noises from one area to another. Privacy within a house is very important. The air changes per hour (ACH) required in very a moist Ireland is much higher than in any other part of Europe. Many systems are undersized.
Reinco provide independent, practical advice on all these systems – and now has the experience of over 840 projects.