Reinco Service 2015

In 2007 Reinco was set up as an independent energy consultancy business. We provided independent practical advice on:-

  • Insulation.
  • Airtightness.
  • Thermal mass.
  • Ventilation.
  • Renewables.

Seven and a half years later and having been involved in over 800 projects throughout Ireland our library of information has massively grown. We have the privilege of reviewing many of the projects twelve months after completion. We wanted to know how products and installers performed. This provided excellent information for future clients.
At the demand of our clients the scope of our consultancy has expanded. Issues now included are quiet cooker extractors, best choice of cookers, which type of heat pump, which make of heat pump, which installer, comparing one renewable with another, low energy lighting and future proofing.
The sad part of our work is helping to resolve problems in finished houses which are not performing well. Simple mistakes (or shortcuts) can be very expensive to remedy. We have discovered houses with no insulation in some parts, or houses with much cheaper insulation than specified. In a recent problem the wrong insulation was placed in the cavity and will cost £50,000 – £70,000 to resolve.
Reinco sells no products. We provide independent practical advice on every aspect that pertains to energy. For Results and testimonials see
We provide consultancy on new builds, renovations and the resolution of disputes.
A recent development is guiding business such as food producers and nursing home business with very large heating bills towards using renewable energy to reduce energy costs and benefit from RHI payments. Payback on these projects can be less than 2 years.